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Mini Random Rant

One thing I have always found to be intolerable is the insistence of Republicans and Conservatives putting their two cents in on everything. It’s become even more of an issue since there is such an increase of social media outlets and tools. It’s frustrating to know that you will have to defend your opinion or views to others just because they can’t keep scrolling bye. I personally don’t comment or bash Republican and Conservative opinions on their status updates or tweets. As much as it grinds my gears I keep scrolling by. Why you ask? Because even though I don’t agree with their opinions, they should be allowed to voice them without a liberal throwing their two cents in.

I admit it is very hard to scroll past and not comment on something that goes against your beliefs but I do. I ask myself, why is it so hard to Repubs and Conserv’s to do the same thing? I can only guess that they feel that their opinion is so much more superior that I’ll miraculously start having the same beliefs as them if I read what they have to say. They have no bounds and become argumentative and aggressive if you don’t engage in their shenanigans. I’m usually ready to pull out my ghetto card but I like to allow them to look idiotic and frustrated to make me see things their way. Now, I’m not saying all are like that but I notice more pushiness from the right vs. left.

I don’t have many conservative views but living in the south, it’s almost impossible not to have Repub/Conserv friends. Some of my very best buds are righties. I have some friends where there is an unspoken rule of we won’t discuss politics. I’m genuinely shocked when some old white haired lady with a rebel flag admits that she is a liberal. I’m also shocked when I see black repubs/conservs or gay people who vote R. I usually have a look of disbelief and confusion. I just want to shake them and say “If they could, they would exterminate you or strip you of even the most basic rights, WHY would you vote them into office?”  I know, I know I’m profiling but come on, these just aren’t instances you see everyday.

Well you get the idea. I could go on and on. Instead of responding with colorful words and swearing, I’ve started trying to take the high road and allowing them to look foolish. The only problem with that is I’m often left even more pissed, frustrated and unfulfilled as I didn’t respond in my normal hot head manner. By sticking with the facts and pointing out their weakness/taunts you can allow them to hang themselves. It has some satisfaction but not nearly as much as my internet mafia method.



A wee bit o’ republican humor