So I’m proud to be a liberal and all but let me tell you, in the South’ it ain’t easy….but I’m down for my cause.

Living in Tennessee as a Liberal has got to be the closest form of racism [or something similar rather] that I’ve personally experienced. I say that because of the separation it can create among you and your friends/family is pretty hostile at times. The Glen Beckians all “assume” that you are with them and have their views and even if they know you don’t, they’ll continusly try to push those views on you. Um, no thanks, I can actually think for myself. I don’t need Fox JOKE  News, Glen “fat ass” Beck, or Rush “I sound like a PIG when I breath” Limbaugh to tell me what to think and believe.

I would not have such a bad taste in my mouth for conservatives/republicans IF they did not fight so dirty. They have no tact about themselves. They use fear to promote their personal agendas and to spread lies. The hate towards Obama is pretty sad to watch. I almost hate that I voted this guy into the White House to be abused and disrespected so much. I think I speak for the masses when I say, I’ve NEVER seen a President so openly disrespected by both Americans and his peers and my friends I think it boils down to the color of his skin.

I’m a pretty open minded chick but even I am starting to believe that a lot of Obama’s issues are made worse because of his race. I’ve been fighting the battle saying that was not the case since he was elected but I fear I’ve lost. It’s been pretty obvious for a while but I like to “think” that as a country, we are far past racism [See Fox News lovers, that’s me THINKING ON MY OWN]. <— Grudgingly, I admit that’s me living in my perfect little bubble pretending that color is still not an issue. I think it’s a pretty good thought process to have but sadly, very far from the reality of our situation.

As an American, you have to realize that Obama walked into a mess. Any President, Democrat or Republican alike would have walked into this mess but because Obama did, the situation is more dire in some peoples eyes. *cough, racist teabaggers* The difference between US and them is they would raise taxes on middle class and poor people without losing an ounce of sleep at night. Yet this is who you idiots want in office? I have asked myself why so much, I’m starting to hate the word.

So I ask myself, what’s up with all these poor ass people supporting Republican candidates? Don’t they realize that they will be among those most impacted if the Bachmans and Perrys take over the Oval Office? Something is seriously wrong here. I remember being 19 and talking to a guy who was always broke but HELL NO, he wouldn’t vote for a Democrat to save his life. He voted for the “Bush” and was bankrupt a couple years later. Silly isn’t it? I could go on and on but I’m done.

Oh well… Thanks for listening to me rant and rave in my first official blog post. Good day to you all, conservatives included! 😀